CS 498 DL Course Policies

Academic integrity: You are encouraged to discuss assignments with each other, but coding and writing of reports must be done individually. You are also encouraged to conduct this discussion online, but do not post code on the class discussion group, either for the purpose of debugging or demonstrating a possible solution. Feel free to search the Web for tips or code snippets, provided this does not make the assignment trivial and all external sources are explicitly acknowledged in the report. At the first instance of cheating (copying from other students or unacknowledged sources on the Web), a grade of zero will be given for the respective assignment or test. At the second instance, you will automatically receive an F for the entire course. See the student code for more information on what consitutes an academic integrity violation.

Late penalty on assignments: For every day that your assignment is late, your score is multiplied by 0.75. The penalty saturates after four days, that is, you can still get up to about 32% of the original points by turning in the assignment at all. However, if you choose to turn in an assignment that is more than four days late, alert the course staff by email to make sure it gets graded. You are not allowed to submit different parts of the assignment at different times to receive a late penalty on only part of the assignment.

Extension requests on assignments: Extension requests must be emailed to the instructor at least four days before the assignment due date. If you receive an approved extension, make a note about it at the top of the report you submit. Short-notice extension requests will only be granted for documented emergencies and will be handled on an individual basis.

Incomplete requests: Requests for an incomplete in the course will only be accepted through the last day of class and must be accompanied by documentation of your special circumstances.