CS 498 DL Course Policies

Academic integrity: You are encouraged to discuss assignments with each other, but coding and writing of reports must be done individually or only within your team. Feel free to search the Web for tips or code snippets, provided this does not make the assignment trivial and all external sources are explicitly acknowledged in the report. At the first instance of cheating (copying from other students or unacknowledged sources on the Web), a grade of zero will be given for the respective assignment or test. At the second instance, you will automatically receive an F for the entire course. See the student code for more information on what consitutes an academic integrity violation.

Piazza discussion: You are highly encouraged to ask and answer questions about assignments on the Piazza discussion board. However, the general principle is to avoid directly giving away key elements of solutions. Thus, you should refrain from publicly posting key solution code or parameter values, either to get help with debugging or demonstrate a possible solution to your classmates. Posting sample code for utility functions or publicly debugging system/platform errors is acceptable. If you need help with code, the preferred route is to attend TA office hours. However, if this is impossible and you wish to make a Piazza post with your code, be sure to make it private.

Late submission policy:

  • Free late days for homework assignments: Each student gets a total of five free late days that apply to homework assignments throughout the whole semester. As long as you stay within your total late days budget, there is no need to request an extension and no late penalty will be assessed. If you are submitting a late assignment in a pair, late days will be subtracted from both students, but the available budget will be taken to be the greater of the individual budgets. E.g., if Student A has 1 late day left and Student B has 3 late days and the assignment is 2 days late, there will be no late penalty, and the remaining budgets of Students A and B will be 0 and 1, respectively.

  • Free late days for projects: You get a separate budget of three free late days that apply to the three project deliverables (proposal, progress report, final report). The rules for assessing the late days across teams are the same as for the homeworks (see above).

  • Late penalty: If you are out of late days, for every day that your assignment is late, your score is multiplied by 0.6. Submissions that are more than five days late (beyond any free days) will not be accepted. You are not allowed to submit different parts of the assignment at different times to receive a late penalty on only part of the assignment.

  • Extension requests: Extension requests will be considered only after free late days are used up. Extensions beyond the free late days will be granted only in case of extraordinary circumstances. If you think that your circumstances qualify, email the instructor.

Incomplete requests: Requests for an incomplete in the course will only be accepted through the last day of class and must be accompanied by documentation of your special circumstances.