CS543/ECE549 Past Project Topics

Spring 2021

  1. Nuclei Instance Segmentation across Microscopy Imaging Experiments
  2. 2D Player tracking in ultimate Frisbee
  3. Segmentation and Classification of Brain Tumour from 3D Brain MRI
  4. Finding a way: Using UNet and Filtering to Find Routes Through Mazes and Campus
  5. Image and video resizing using seam carving
  6. Star detection with Deep CNNs
  7. Pulmonary Nodules Classification for Lung Cancer
  8. Weakly supervised learning for cancer diagnosis based on stain free multiphoton histopathology
  9. 3D aware Image composition with Poisson Blending
  10. Meta Learning for Continual Image Classification
  11. Generating Photo-Realistic Super Resolution Images with Generative Adversarial Networks
  12. Accuracy of Instance Aware Image Colorization vs Traditional Methods
  13. RPN for Faster RCNN on Multiple Models
  14. Using a GAN for data augmentation of chest X-Ray Images for detection and classification of COVID-19 virus in patients
  15. Improving Neural Art Style Transfer
  16. Optical Character Recognition for Traditional Chinese Handwriting
  17. PyTorchST: A library for neural style transfer
  18. HAODE-Net: Object detection in hazy environments
  19. Pedestrian Detection using Faster RCNN
  20. Image Style Migration
  21. Blob based object tracking
  22. Variation of Adabins on loss function, optimization and resolution
  23. Exploration of different methods of adversarial example attacks on deep neuron network and test their performance
  24. Implementing Efficient Deep Residual Network for Image De-noising
  25. 3D MRI brain tumor segmentation
  26. Implementation of YOLO Object Detector
  27. Self-supervised joint learning
  28. LiDAR-Tron: A Detectron2 immplementation for detecting cars using LiDAR point clouds.
  29. Towards efficient human robot collaboration using vision-based human motion predictions
  30. A Study of State-of-the-art Facial Expression Recognition Methods on Face Expression Recognition Dataset
  31. Evaluating the performance of SwaV on Chest Data
  32. Comparing semi-supervised learning methods for chest x-ray diagnosis
  33. Instance aware video colorization
  34. Image Translation from Photographed Images to Quick, Draw! Images
  35. Unsupervised deep clustering for skeleton based action recognition with Graph Neural Networks
  36. Optical Flow Based Moving Object Detection and Tracking
  37. Different approaches to face mask detection
  38. ResNet and DenseNet: Insights into Performance and Model Interpretability
  39. Multiple local cue based contour detection and how to break it with texture transfer
  40. Photo editing suite with focus on object removal and in-painting
  41. Visual Odometry using Stereo Vision
  42. Object detection from dynamic vision
  43. NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
  44. Learning based relative pose estimation for visual servoing of a soft robot
  45. RF-Turk: Scaling up dense image annotation in real world experiments with Inexpensive Robots and RFIDs
  46. Estimating the pose of small symmetric and reflective objects using only RGB Data
  47. Data augmentation using generative adversarial networks for segmenting OCT cornea images
  48. Faster RCNN Object Detection on Cars
  49. No-ball, Free Hit: Classifying Images and Comparing Accuracy for the Front Foot No-ball
  50. Cross-view localization using Monocular camera
  51. Amodal Video Instance Segmentation
  52. Super Resolution by Generative Adversarial Networks

Spring 2020

  1. An Evaluation of Generating Segmentation Masks for Autonomous Vehicle Application via Style Transfer Framework with Weakened Supervision
  2. Fashion Item Detection, Localization and Retrieval
  3. Human head tracking with MobileNet-SSD model in real-time video
  4. Analysis of Multi-frame Super Resolution Methods
  5. Video Object Tracking
  6. Find your lookalike
  7. Deep learning based Deraining Approach Comparison and Analysis
  8. Proximity Sensing using Monocular Camera
  9. Survey on Different Gaze Estimation Methods
  10. Shallow Water Specularity Filtering in Static and Dynamic Environments with Camera Motion
  11. Real-time Action Recognition in Livestock Surveillance feeds
  12. Dog Breeds Classification
  13. Automated Deception Detection in Videos
  14. Image Super-Resolution Based on Deep Learning Algorithms
  15. Visual Question Answering
  16. Automatic PCB Grader Project
  17. Bengali.AI Handwritten Grapheme Classification
  18. Monocular Depth Estimation on Autonomous Driving
  19. Agricultural Image Segmentation
  20. Fast Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition
  21. Lane and Stop Sign Detection for Autonomous Vehicles
  22. Comparison of Image Captioning With and Without Context Information
  23. Detecting Artifacts in DEM Images for Data Visualization
  24. YOLOv4 for Object Detection
  25. Are deep image super-resolution techniques robust to task-based evaluation in medical imaging?
  26. Imaging surface topography of pavements using photometric stereo
  27. Real Time YOLO Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
  28. Neural Factorizations
  29. Online Super-Resolution using Deep Internal Learning
  30. Data Augmentation with SinGAN
  31. One-Shot Video Object Segmentation
  32. Universal Yolov3-SPP with GIoU Loss for Autonomous Driving Object Detection under Sunny and Foggy Weather
  33. Exploring Facial Recognition on iPhone with CoreML
  34. Sub-Pixel level Motion Tracking under Rain Weather Conditions
  35. Improving Neural Point-based Graphics
  36. FSM Objects From Images
  37. Attention-based Joint Detection of Object and Semantic Part
  38. 6D Pose Estimation
  39. Facial similarity recognition with Siamese Neural Network
  40. Wasserstein Style Transfer
  41. COCO Dataset: Object Detection and Segmentation Analysis
  42. Obstructive Artifacts Removal using Single-shot Images
  43. High Resolution Millimeter-Wave Vision For Self-Driving Cars: Extending to Multiple Cars
  44. Neural Style Transfer with Texture Networks
  45. Interpreting and quantifying deep representations
  46. Fetal Head Segmentation Using Ultrasound Images
  47. Re-unprocessing Images for Optimal CNN Denoising Performance
  48. GAN Controls from Its Latent Space
  49. 3D Object Detection and Mesh Generation
  50. Image-to-Image Translation Based on Wasserstein GAN

Spring 2019

  1. Generation of Semantic UI using Screenshot of an App
  2. Maximization of Mutual Information for Multimodal Image Registration
  3. Multi-Agent Diverse Multi-Video Summarization
  4. Cycle GAN implementation
  5. Reconstruct 3D model of a stadium
  6. Predict 3D object scene flow from binocular stereo
  7. Image Segmentation to Improve CycleGAN
  8. Classification on CIFAR-10 like dataset
  9. Photometric Stereo via Computer Screen Lighting for Real-time Surface Reconstruction
  10. OCR for Poker
  11. Changing Lighting/Shading for detecting forgeries
  12. Fashion Style Recognition
  13. Nondestructive Characterization Of Surface Cracks In Photovoltaic Silicon Wafers
  14. Diving into the Optical Flow
  15. Image Segmentation with FCN and DeepLab
  16. Making Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks Scalable and Accurate
  17. DeepFashion Recognition
  18. Deepfake Faceswap
  19. Human Activity Detection
  20. Airbus Ship Detection Challenge
  21. Deep Learning Based Chinese CAPTCHA Cracking
  22. Face Detection and Emotion Identification
  23. Fuzzy logic for emotion recognition of facial expressions
  24. Comparison of different image matching methods
  25. Video Magnification and Audio Extraction from Visual Information
  26. Histopathologic Cancer Detection
  27. Detect defects in bridges using 3D point clouds and reconstruct
  28. Record Recognition App
  29. Workers Tracking in Reconstruction Environment
  30. Generation of faces of same person at different ages
  31. Manga Colorization
  32. Image Captioning
  33. Face Aging using Generative Adversarial Networks
  34. Generative Adversarial Networks for Balancing Biased Datasets
  35. Multiple Object Recognition
  36. Face and Keypoint Detection
  37. Dehazing Images Using Polarization
  38. Emotion Detection and Recognition
  39. Dog Breed Classification
  40. Face Swapping
  41. License Plate Recognition Systems
  42. Neural Style Transfer
  43. Image Inpainting using GANs
  44. Equivalent Source Reconstructionin RF Desense
  45. Interactive Photo Montage
  46. Image Inpainting
  47. DeepFashion image ranking
  48. Rate-control for Real-time Object Tracking
  49. 3D Character Animation from a Single Photo
  50. Deep Stroke-Based Rendering
  51. Object and Class Detector for Cars
  52. Image Matting
  53. Kaggle Whale Classification
  54. Fast Poisson Blending using Multi-Splines
  55. Automatically Locating Atom Defects In Electron Microscope Image by Deep Learning
  56. Face Aging with CycleGAN
  57. Segmentation of Microscopic Images
  58. Implementing Capsule Nets
  59. Sudoku Solver
  60. Traffic Sign Recognition
  61. Visual Based Real Time Tabulation for Guitarists
  62. Bag of Visual Words
  63. Video-Based Eye Tracker
  64. Study of Attention Mechanisms
  65. Investigating Generative Replay Methods for Image Classification in Continual Learning
  66. Motion estimation and dense optical flow prediction comparison
  67. Erlang system
  68. CycleGAN on Fashion Dataset
  69. Recognition in adverse weather conditions for autonomous driving
  70. Reconstruct the orientation of a car given an image
  71. Adversarial Methods in Traffic Sign Detection
  72. Time-Lapse Mining from Internet Photos
  73. Object Detection of Anime Characters
  74. Segmentation of clothes in Fashion Dataset
  75. 3D scene from 2D images
  76. MaskRCNN on another dataset
  77. Fast RCNN on Traffic
  78. Identify car's make and model
  79. Emotion Recognition
  80. Deepfakes generation
  81. Automatic Image Colorization

Spring 2018

  1. Translating Chinese paintings to photographs using CycleGAN
  2. Face editing
  3. Classifying Pavement Distress Types
  4. A Multi-Block-Matching Approach for Stereo
  5. Recovering spatial layout of a room with clutter
  6. Segmenting nuclei from cell images
  7. Real-time Rubik's Cube Solver
  8. Part-of-speech Guided Diverse Image Captioning
  9. Automated picture blending effects (neural style transfer)
  10. Regression-based Visual Question Answering
  11. Relation network for captioning
  12. Adversarial examples for image captioning
  13. Label-free part localization based fine grained recognition
  14. Recurrent Attention Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
  15. People counting from social media photographs
  16. Lane Line and Road Sign Detection
  17. Real-time detection of cars and humans, age classification of humans
  18. Image analogies
  19. 3D Voxel Patterns of Object Category Recognition
  20. Clothing segmentation with Mask-RCNN
  21. Kaggle Humpback Whale Identification Challenge
  22. Depth Map Prediction
  23. Phase-Based Video Motion Processing
  24. One-Shot Video Object Segmentation
  25. Google Landmark Recognition and Retrieval Challenges
  26. Adversarial sample generation using VAE
  27. Modeling semantic segmentation using deep structured methods
  28. Finding tiny faces
  29. Graph-based image segmentation
  30. Playing card recognizer and Blackjack player
  31. Feature detection and location-based matching
  32. Flower classification with CNNs
  33. Handwritten character and word recognition
  34. Neural style transfer
  35. Real-time face detection
  36. Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
  37. Visual crack detection
  38. Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Captioning
  39. Handwriting recognition using multidimensional long short term memory
  40. Visualizing network response to adversarial examples
  41. Semi-supervised learning
  42. Real-time Multiple Object Counting and Tracking in Urban Mixed Traffic
  43. Labeling of brain structures in MRI images
  44. Concrete Slab Flatness Measurement using image-based Point Clouds
  45. Converting handwritten math to LaTeX
  46. A Comparison of Video Stabilization Techniques
  47. Traffic sign recognition
  48. Image super-resolution using GANs
  49. Single-view metrology
  50. Human key-points detection and 2D pose estimation
  51. Robustness of ORB-SLAM
  52. Handwritten music recognition
  53. Stylizing faces using portrait paintings
  54. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Detector using GANs
  55. Understanding hand-drawn circuit diagrams
  56. Image to image translation using CycleGAN
  57. Handwritten math recognition
  58. Apparel keypoint detection
  59. Classifying Chinese seal script
  60. PacGAN to capture more modes
  61. Recognition of microorganisms in high-resolution nonlinear optical microscopy
  62. Automated diagnosis of melanoma
  63. Automatic product recognition
  64. Bringing portraits to life
  65. High Dynamic Range Imaging
  66. Detecting accessibility features in Google Street View
  67. Feature recognition on 2D floor plan images
  68. Classifying playing cards
  69. Image to image translation with GANs
  70. Contour-based object detection and tracking
  71. Improving image composition
  72. Boat Self-docking in GTA V
  73. CAPTCHA cracking
  74. Virtual keyboard
  75. Face swapping
  76. Balancing and Answering Binary Visual Questions
  77. Face detection and recognition
  78. 3D face reconstruction from a single image
  79. The Dodging Car: Teaching a robot car to dodge pedestrians
  80. Lagrangian Particle Tracking
  81. Show and Tell: A Neural Language Generator
  82. DenseNet for Kaggle furniture challenge
  83. CBIR for clothes retrieval

Spring 2017

  1. Image to Image Translation using cGANs
  2. Improving outlier detection for feature matching
  3. Inferring button press sequences from video game videos
  4. CNN with Cancer CT scans to determine if lesions are cancerous
  5. Line Art and Color from images
  6. Dense Depth Maps via Human-in-the-Loop Annotations
  7. Tool tracking in robotic surgery
  8. Ground plane segmentation for material identification
  9. Artistic Style Transfer
  10. Generative Modeling: GAN and DRAW
  11. State of the art object detector evaluation
  12. Image super-resolution
  13. Hand tracking and gesture recognition
  14. Neural Style Transfer
  15. Fan calculator: A scoring system for Mahjong
  16. Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style
  17. Tweaks to AI driving, Chatbots and Neural Style Transfer
  18. Vehicle Logo Recognition: Mercedes vs Audi
  19. Moving Objects Tracking in SLAM
  20. Fooling CNNs for Image Classification with Adversarial Examples
  21. Face detection using Viola-Jones algorithm
  22. Restoring Ancient Chinese Calligraphy Artworks using Computer Vision
  23. Image Recognition and Object Tracking
  24. Billiard detection and prediction
  25. Human Face Reconstruction
  26. Single image super-resolution
  27. Sea Lion Population Count
  28. 3D Face Reconstruction
  29. Gender classification
  30. Transfer Learning Based Food Recognition
  31. Lane Line and Road Sign Detection in Embedded System
  32. Playing cards recognition
  33. Image Captioning Based on Neural Network Approaches
  34. Indoor Localization Using Smartphone Images and WiFi APs
  35. Object Detection and Tracking in Grand Theft Auto V
  36. License Plate Detection
  37. NOAA - Stellar Sea Lion Population Count
  38. Cat Gender Recognition
  39. Automated I Spy
  40. Solderless Breadboard Debugger
  41. Pedestrian Recognition and Tracking
  42. Gender Classification
  43. Constructing Locally Dense Point Clouds
  44. Haar-based cascade classifier for face detection on embedded GPU platform
  45. Image generation from text descriptions using GANs
  46. Object tracking and inferring real world coordinates in basketball
  47. Vision-based human action recognition

Spring 2016

  1. Trajectory tracking and obstacle avoidance of a Quad-Rotor
  2. Monocular SLAM system
  3. Accurate positioning method for an Unmanned Aerial System
  4. Detecting Brain Tumor from multi-modal MRI using Convolutional Neural Networks
  5. OCR of comic books
  6. Printed Music Sheet Recognition
  7. An Implementation and Analysis of Picture-to-Identity Linking
  8. Identifying Game State via Images
  9. Identifying Cars by their Logo
  10. Composing Music Using Recursive Neural Network
  11. Real-Time Stereo Matching with Target Painting and GPU Acceleration
  12. Sympathetic Nervous Activation Estimation from Video Magnification
  13. Online visual-inertial odometry algorithm
  14. Dice reader
  15. Object detection with deep learning
  16. Virtual puppetry system
  17. Recognition and Volume Estimation of Food Intake using a Mobile Device
  18. Tracking trucks in videos (Caterpillar)
  19. Butterflies Species Detection Using Neural Network
  20. Fast R-CNN for object detection and action classification applied to excavators and dumptrucks
  21. Tagging of restaurant photos
  22. 3D reconstruction in Minecraft for real world
  23. Identifying Pedestrian Traffic and Behavior Patterns
  24. Image captioning
  25. License plate recognition
  26. Multimodal Deep Learning for Robust RGB-D Object Recognition
  27. Markerless Mobile Augmented Reality
  28. Extracting Vanishing Points across Multiple Views
  29. Vision-based structural health monitoring
  30. Non-rigid Face Tracking and Emotion Recognition
  31. Accelerated Trajectory detection for Real Time Video Processing
  32. Segmentation of cells in electron microscope images
  33. Real-time interactive Augmented Reality Chess Game Application
  34. Hold and volume identification in indoor climbing images
  35. Product price estimation from images
  36. Building occupancy tracking from video
  37. Vision Based 3-D Shape Reconstruction of Flexible Manipulators from Multiple Images
  38. Distributed Object Detection in Large Images
  39. Computer Vision Based Navigation of UAV to a Known Landing Zone
  40. Recognizing handwritten mathematical expressions
  41. Off-line recognition system for mathematical expressions
  42. Image Restoration and Low-level Vision via Sparse Coding and Deep Learning
  43. Count vehicles and to estimate the speeds of the detected vehicles from traffic surveillance camera videos in real time
  44. Facial recognition security system
  45. Machine Detection, Identification and Tracking (Caterpillar)
  46. Video Hyperlapse
  47. Deep Generative Model with partial input
  48. Truck tracking (Caterpillar)
  49. Car model classification, verification, and attribute prediction
  50. Real Time Tracking for Augmented Reality using OpenCV and Unreal Engine 4

Spring 2015

  1. Audio Editing: A Computer Vision Approach
  2. Reconstruct a time lapse of an arbitrary view point from point clouds generated from different time
  3. Semi-Automated Vertebrae Recognition in Flouroscopic Images
  4. Dice detection
  5. Determine safe landing zones
  6. View intepolation
  7. Integrating Augmented Reality and a SSVEP based Brain Computer Interface for Covert Face Recognition
  8. Spectral Clustering of Massive Image Dataset using Approximation Techniques
  9. ShopGuide
  10. Classifying different green infrastructure settings
  11. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  12. Using computer vision technology to detect drivers' alertness level
  13. RGBD object segmentation using object proposals
  14. Facial expression detection
  15. Human emotion statistics system using facial expression detection
  16. Object Discovery Using Density Based Clustering
  17. Efficient Reflection Separation from Videos
  18. Visual Font Recognition by Deep Networks
  19. Eye gaze tracking
  20. Image classification for Yelp
  21. Facial keypoints detection
  22. MCQer: The Automatic Grading Software
  23. Identify signs of diabetic retinopathy in eye images (Kaggle Competition)
  24. Landscape Time-lapse: day-to-day scene image stabilization
  25. Effect of shadow removal on object detection
  26. Straw Coverage Rate Recognition
  27. Recognizing art style
  28. Generating Sequences with Recurrent Neural Networks
  29. Optical Character Recognition
  30. Develop and use chromatags for localization
  31. Construction Equipment Pose Estimation via Convolutional Neural Networks
  32. GPU Speedups for Vision Algoritihms
  33. Monocular Depth Perception in Riverine Environments
  34. Multi-view object reconstruction
  35. Static Hand Gesture Recognition

Spring 2014

  1. Recognition and Localization of Traffic Signs in 3D Point Cloud Model
  2. Helping BAXTER robot see
  3. Measuring Room Dimensions using KinectFusion
  4. Real Time Augmented Reality Applications
  5. Video Google: Image Search in Videos
  6. Real Time Vanishing Point Estimation for Quadrotor Control in GPS-Denied Environments
  7. Motion Tracking and Optical Flow in a First-Person Shooter
  8. Classification of Galaxy Morphologies Using Support Vector Machines
  9. Computer Vision Based Real-time Storm Drain Detection
  10. An Effective Multi-View Synchronization Algorithm of a Moving Object
  11. Maze game level digitizer
  12. Optical music recognition
  13. Juggling coach
  14. Automated Identification of Mahjong Tiles
  15. Automatic sign and logo removal
  16. Deep Features for Image Retrieval and Clustering
  17. Visual Feedback by 3D Reconstruction of Elastic Rods for Robotic Manipulation Planning
  18. Dense 3D structure reconstruction of rowing boat
  19. Card tracker and scoring system for a card game
  20. Exploring Real-Time Face Detection in Portable Devices
  21. Crack detection on a Street Surface using a Cascade Object Detector
  22. Classifying images of green infrastructure
  23. Credit Card Reader with Auto crop and Transform
  24. Kinivacy: A Collection of Kinect Applications
  25. Eye gesture based interaction
  26. Thousand Aces: Identifying a Pinochle hand and making a corresponding bid
  27. Galaxy Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
  28. Integrating inertial-aided feature tracking and 3D reconstruction
  29. Extracting informative graphics from package designs
  30. Edge Detection Algorithm for Robot Guidance
  31. Structured Annotations for 2D to 3D Modeling
  32. Polysearch: Feature-based Image Search
  33. American Sign Language Detection Using Computer Vision and Supervised Learning Techniques
  34. Imaging of zebrafish
  35. Someone Like You: Similarity-based face search
  36. Hand gesture recognition
  37. Video Surveillance for Human Emotion Identification
  38. Body Rotation Detection
  39. Individual Tree Crown Delineation in High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery
  40. Playing card recognition

Spring 2013

  1. Single-view metrology of rooms
  2. Identifying the gestures and motion of objects in video using a cell phone
  3. Face classification and biometrics
  4. Face detection with OpenCV
  5. Tumor segmentation in MRI volumes
  6. Font recognition
  7. Jigsaw puzzle solver
  8. Panorama stitching and face detection
  9. Carcassonne gameboard scorer
  10. Material classification for construction sites
  11. Activity analysis of construction video using RGBD images
  12. Thermal modeling of buildings
  13. Checking spacing of rebars in construction images
  14. Recognizing and solving sudoku puzzles
  15. Identifying playing cards
  16. Maze solving with a robot
  17. Motion stabilization of video sequences
  18. Image classification using Latent Dirichlet Allocation
  19. Interacting with virtual objects using a webcam
  20. Structure from motion from multiple viewpoints of a scene
  21. Recognition of hand gestures using Hidden Markov Models
  22. Hand detection and gesture recognition in video
  23. Obstacle avoidance for quadrotor
  24. Image quality prediction with saliency
  25. Matrix factorization
  26. Vehicle tracking and classification from a webcam
  27. Baseball trajectory extraction
  28. Smart video recorder
  29. Detection of workers on construction site
  30. Robust eye center detection for eye tracking
  31. BRDF estimation for computational relighting
  32. Tour into the picture
  33. Contour matching for 3D deformations
  34. PET system geometry calibration
  35. Augmented reality Android app
  36. Automatic creation of fake miniatures
  37. Blob detection on FPGA

Spring 2012

  1. Real-time object recognition in video games
  2. Multiple camera tracking with wide baseline homography
  3. Multi-view 3D object reconstruction
  4. Wild cat identification
  5. Background subtraction: comparison of three methods
  6. Taxi detection and tracking
  7. Classroom webcam control
  8. K-mer-based DNA sequence alignment using Inverse Document File approach
  9. Analysis of material composition
  10. Real-time segmentation of human data from Kinect
  11. Street sign recognition
  12. Control law and parameter recovery from video footage
  13. Aircraft localization and classification
  14. Detection of star patterns for space navigation
  15. Creation of 3D meshes using Kinect
  16. Automatic face tagging
  17. Object removal by retrieving background regions
  18. Segmenting out people in Kinect data
  19. Playing card recognition
  20. Depth upsampling using sparse dictionaries
  21. Monitoring and diagnostics of gas turbines
  22. Restoring motion-blurred images
  23. Power watershed segmentation
  24. Carcassonne gameboard scorer
  25. Image analysis of maize ear