CS 598 LAZ Reading Lists

January 19: Overview of CNN architectures

January 24, 26: RNN Tutorial (Arun Mallya)

January 31: Advanced CNN Architectures (Akshay Mishra, Hong Cheng)

February 2: Advanced training techniques (Prajit)

February 7: Network compression and speedup (Shuochao, Yiwen, Daniel)

February 9: Object detection (Jiajun, Sihao, Kevin)

February 14: Semantic segmentation, pixel labeling (Liwei)

February 16: Similarity learning, Siamese networks (Moitreya, Yunan)

February 21: Visualization, adversarial examples (Ralf, Jyoti, Jiahui)

February 23: Generative Adversarial Networks (Shashank, Bhargav, Binglin)

February 28: Variational Autoencoders (Raymond, Junting, Teck-Yian)

March 2: Advanced generation methods (Hsiao-Ching, Ameya, Anand)

March 7: 3D + Graphics (Qi, Juho)

March 9: Self-supervised Learning (Nate, Christian, Pratik)

March 10: Introduction to Reinforcement Learning - Bonus lecture (Garima, Karan and Unnat)

March 14: Deep Reinforcement Learning - Q-Learning (Garima, Karan and Unnat)

March 16: Policy Gradient and Planning (Raj, Tanmay, Zhizhong)

March 28: Deep learning for manipulation, navigation (Andrey, Tanmay)

March 30: Recurrent Architectures: LSTM, GRU, RNN (Abhishek, Anusri)